Pugilism on wheels. Tucker ranks as the epitome of ATLPTN rides with big groups, high speeds, seasoned riders, and loads of adrenaline. Two groupings on offer: Full Grown Tucker, a no-holds-barred knife fight; and Baby Tucker, it's proud progeny, which offers a smoother, more controlled pace. Full Grown (A) rolls five minutes before Baby (B) so if the pace proves too much, the broom wagon will not be far behind.




elevation gain

Start Location

Downtown Tucker, GA

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A rolls @ 10:00am
B rolls @ 10:05am
shifts to 9:00am on April 1st

Avg Group Size



Race Pace

Key Points

MILE 15.9

Norris Lake

This 1.3 mile stretch rides rougher than the stated 2% average gradient. Remember to save some matches for Publix and Farmer!

MILE 22.0


No grocery shopping on this climb. More like others eating your lunch. Oh and the climb doesn't stop at the top, but rather hits the peak just after the right turn onto Sigman.

MILE 24.8


Farmer sows the seeds of destruction for many a member of the PTN. Maybe you felt OK on Norris and barely held on for Publix and Post-Publix. You'd better pray some rail-thin, 19 year-old Cat 1 doesn't decide to jack the pace just for kicks.

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