Pizza Ride

Hot, fast and not even a little cheesy. Two big slices of this pie take the peloton clockwise around the park, with a couple punchy climbs and the crowd-thinning Evergreen stair-steps tempering the pace a tad. Pizza's Thursday vibe brings big crowds and much fun.




elevation gain

Start Location

Avondale Estates, GA

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beginning March 16th

Avg Group Size



Race Pace

Key Points

MILE 12.4

Evergreen Stair Steps

A third of a mile at 6%. Doesn't sound too bad. It is. High potential for breaks to form at the top.

MILE 13.7

Down the Wall

Careful now. This quick descent has a bit of an off-camber bend to the right at the bottom.

MILE 15.9

Hotel Hill

Some folks call it a Carving Hill. I call it a Hotel Hill. Just don't call it easy. Things usually get chippy on this ramp with an eye towards forming a break into lap 2.

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