A hot mess for cold days. A rolling circus. Airport regularly corrals the largest peloton size of any ATLPTN ride. One of the flatter courses on offer, the crown jewel comes in the form of Highway 29: a relatively flat 20 mile stretch that lets the diesels in the pack shine. Lezz go!




elevation gain

Start Location

Peters Street Downtown, ATL

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10:00 am EST
November through end of March

Avg Group Size



Race Pace

Key Points

MILE 11.8

Natural Break

You made it this far so take a few breaths and hold on for what's about to come.

MILE 19.7

Long/Short Split

Long left, Short straight. What's it gonna be? For the intrepid souls turning left, stay neutral until just after the railroad crossing. Then unleash hell.

MILE 35.3

Got 5 on it

The right turn onto 29 evokes elements of PTSD for most veterans of the ATLPTN. The first five miles of this harrowing ordeal usually results in many dropped and few comfortable. Hold on!

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