Unite The Rides

The Atlanta group ride scene became a victim of its own success. With so many rides to choose from, shifting time schedules, varying meet up points, fluctuating intensities, etc. no one central informational node existed to serve a deserving Atlanta Peloton hungry for more.

ATLPTN endeavors to serve as just such a hub (no pun intended...ok some pun). Updated, accurate ride schedules on the site; use of the socials to make any necessary last-minute shifts; a Community page to relay happenings in the PTN as well as safety notes; and a weekly Monday email listing all rides for the coming week. This will now be home to The Sunday Ride. Aaron, thank you for many years of thankless service.

This will be an evolutionary process. We will not get everything right from day one. But we will try.

Let's ride!


The List

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