Nasty Northlake

So much nasty, not much lake. An unrelenting beatdown with a typically small but experienced PTN rolling into the park. Two trips up The Wall keeps breakaways in check but the rolling back-half of the course can see a selection form. Belgian finish optional/cruel.




elevation gain

Start Location

Avondale Estates, GA

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2 large counterclockwise loops
Belgian finish

Avg Group Size



Race Pace

Key Points

MILE 2.8

Midvale Climb

A spirited 1.4 mile climb with a manageable gradient. Regroups at the stop light at Lavista Road. Consider this the amuse bouche of the seven-course smackdown that will soon ensue.

MILE 12.7

The Wall

A brutal quarter-mile pitch that softens legs and hardens resolves. This one is for the power climbers. A brief downhill respite awaits after a false flat at the top.

MILE 24.6

The Belgian Finish

An end befitting the many masochists in ATLPTN. No cobbles but it's lumpy!

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