Thu Mar 28 2019 02:01:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)

Pizza Police

50 riders pulled over by the 5-0...

A large and spirited Pizza Ride last night entered the park rather sedately but made a seemingly annual error: failing to stop at the stop sign where split left off Robert E Lee Blvd onto Jefferson Davis Dr (these are the actual street names!).

An exceedingly friendly Stone Mountain Police officer pulled the group aside and asked for our respect of that stop sign and to keep the group in one lane. We abided for the remainder of the night but let's all agree to the following going forward:

  • Must put a foot down at that stop sign. Even if you got off the front as we entered the park. No cheap breaks from running a stop sign.
  • Do your level best to not stray outside the one lane. Easier said than done as we've all been pushed across the double-yellow now and then.

Elsewhere, NNL and PZA times roll to 6:30pm next week; last weekend for later Tucker times; last Airport this Sunday (sadness). More dets on all that later on.

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