Fri Mar 22 2019 01:41:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)

A New Beginning

At long last, a virtual meeting place for the Atlanta Peloton. We will use this page to publish semi-frequent updates on bigger matters concerning the PTN, events, special ride reports, etc. The socials will be for more fun, quick-hit type of stuff. A few procedural items, if we may...

This site is a work in progress. Check the Origin page for the mission statement but know that the main objective of this enterprise is to relay information, promote the beauty that is the ATLPTN, and to have some fun along the way. A few tidbits:

  • A few ride pages are still under construction. Bear with us. We are but a humble wage-slave by day, toiling under the unforgiving glare of our computer monitor, dreaming of open roads and clear skies.
  • We welcome feedback and input. Emails or the socials work.
  • This is the new home for The Sunday Ride. Welcome. A new ride or two will be added to the rotation this year. Stay tuned.
  • We are not in the business of playing ride police. In time, we will publish some etiquette guidelines for the given rides. In general, we hate knuckleheads that sacrifice saftey for a 12th place sprint position mid-course. Ya dig? Safety on all rides is paramount.
  • This is a positive place. We all ride for love of the sport. Keep that in mind.

The List

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